Sunday, March 16, 2008

Missed Race - NYRR 8k Challenge

Last night, I was sitting here with my race clothes laid out on the bed and my race bag packed. I had checked the weather and had a back-up plan for the extra 11 miles I was supposed to run.

Unfortunately, the race was yesterday morning. I planned for a Sunday race all week. I don't know what happened, but I suspect I got mixed up because I'd attempted to run Shamrock and had Sunday in my head.

Even worse, this race was a crucial component of a longer-term goal, which is virtually impossible for me to attain now. At this point, there is nothing that I personally can do to achieve that goal and I can't hope for the necesssary changes, because that will impact thousands of other runners' plans.

My first DNS - but I'm marking it with an asterisk, because I didn't DNS on purpose.


Laura said...

So sorry to hear you missed the race!

What was your longer term goal? Are you sure there's no way to brainstorm a solution? Seems like there are lots of races going on lately, so maybe a way to make up for it...

LeesMyth said...

Oh, rats!!! You could have played mahjong longer.... :-)

Did you at least get in your 16 training miles?