Thursday, October 2, 2008

Fred LeBow XC 5k 9.21.08

Hi all,

Race number 23 was the Fred LeBow Cross-Country 5k in Van Courtland Park.

Goals: I had run 19 miles on the treadmill the day before, so this was really just a test to see how well I could race after a long run.

We ran partway around the flats (there’s a lot of construction going on, so the course was slightly changed), then headed up the cow path into the woods. We didn’t have to run up Cemetery Hill, but we did have to run the back hills. I tried to run the entire distance, but had to walk up some of the hills. I ran down all of them, which I’m sure saved me some time. I thought I was about half a mile from the finish when I ran past a volunteer who told me that I had about a mile to go. I was completely demoralized (and slightly confused) when I realized how long it had taken me to run just 2 miles (about 25 minutes) and had to slow down to make it through the last mile. Then, after a couple of turns, I came to the last downhill before hitting the field again and realized that the volunteer had been wrong about how far we still had to go. I’d slowed down, but picked it up as soon as I hit the last hill. I passed a few people and ended up in a finishing line sprint with two kids. I beat one of them, but the other passed me in the chute. It didn’t matter in the end, because NYRR lost my results, anyway.

Official stats: I have no official time. My unofficial time (from my watch) was 30:28, for an average pace of 9:48. I was 184 out of 244 total runners, putting me in the 25th percentile. It was in the 70s and was very humid with 90% humidity.

Consolation treats: I stopped at Target for a Dr Pepper Icee, then made a cheese plate when I got home.

Next up: Expedition Everest Challenge (9/27), Grete’s Gallop (10/4), Staten Island Half Marathon (10/12), Tower of Terror 13k (10/25)

Race pictures are available here.


LeesMyth said...

How frustrating - that uninformed volunteer and then the incompetent handling of your race results. You'd think NYRR was the Keystone Kops.

It occurred to me recently that if I got up to 4 miles in a run (rather than, ahem!, 1 mile), I could actually run to work. But I haven't run in ages at this point.

M*J*C said...

Hi There- Came across your blog searching for others doing the Staten Island Half. I'm going to be in New Jersey for work (Meadowlands) and thinking about doing this race...have you ever done this one? If so, what's it like? I'm doing the Marine Corps Marathon in just under 3 weeks, so this would fit into my schedule perfectly. Any input would be great! Thanks and best of luck to you!

Runner NYC said...


Yeah - Keystone Kops is about as efficient as NYRR gets.

I'd have to run 10 miles to get to work. I prefer your commute!


Staten Island is a bit of a challenge because the scenery isn't all that great, but it's not overly technical. If you're coming through the City, it's relatively easy to get to - you can walk to the start from the Staten Island Ferry terminal. I'm doing it as a training run for NYC and am hoping to run it at marathon pace. Good luck!!

Laura said...

Wow, I can't believe you didn't get your race results! I hope they refund your entry fee...