Sunday, February 22, 2009

Resolution 5k 1.1.09 and Fred LeBow Classic 5-miler 1.10.09

Hi all,

Race number 1 was the New Year’s Day Resolution 5k. It was partly on the runway of Republic Airport in Farmingdale on Long Island.

Goals: to run between the water stations, to break 27 minutes, and, possibly to set a PR.

I’d been sick the night before (narrowly missing my laptop, for which my company would be profoundly grateful, if they’d known about it), but felt okay by the time we needed to leave. My parents drove my brother and me to the airport and stayed around to watch, even though it was freezing out! As soon as we got there, we registered for the race, then I spied Roxy, who introduced me to Sean and Victor. We chatted until it was time to venture out into the cold and hit the runway. My brother started out with me, but Roxy was off like a shot! Unfortunately, my stomach did not appreciate the jostling and started heaving. I told my brother to run off without me, but he stuck with me, because he’s the best brother in the world. So, the poor guy ran 5k with me retching and heaving behind him. Whenever I stopped to walk, he walked with me. I saw Roxy on all of the turnarounds and she looked great! Finally, as we were heading back towards the finish, I convinced my brother to sprint to the finish and he took off as if he hadn’t just run 3 miles. I crossed the finish line a little while later as my family watched. We hurried into the terminal for water and snacks. My brother checked my time and told me that I was 13th or something like that, but we waited to see if Roxy had won an age category award (only category winners received medals), but they didn’t announce her name. None of us won the plasma tv raffle, either.

As we headed out to the car, my brother went over to check the results again and I took a look, too, and that’s when I saw it. They had me as male! Grrr!!!! I checked my finishing time against the rest of the list and it looked like I was 2nd in my age category. I ran back inside and told the race director about it and he confirmed that I was 2nd!! So I did get a medal – silver! Woo Hoo!!

When we checked the official results on-line, Roxy had taken 3rd in her category and my 2nd place had been downgraded to 3rd, too. I would still have received a medal, though, so I’m keeping the one I have.

Official stats: my net time was 28:57 for an 9:12 pace. I don’t have any splits, because there were no mile markers. I was 91 out of 129 total runners, putting me in the 49th percentile and 3 out of 7 in my age category, putting me in the 57th percentile. It was no warmer than 25F and extremely windy.

Celebratory treats: It was New Year’s Day, so, of course, the big treat was black-eyed peas and ham hocks. Yum!! Of course, I also had one of my mom’s delicious hot fudge sundae, too! MMM

Next up: The Fred LeBow Classic 5-miler on January 10th and the Manhattan Half Marathon on January 25th.

Pictures are available at

Pictures from training runs in Oyster Bay are here:

And here:

And here are some pictures from the holidays:

Race number 2 was the Fred LeBow 5-miler. We ran the lower big loop of Central Park. I don’t remember much about this race, so I’ll just give you the stats.

Official stats: my net time was 49:31 for an 9:54 pace. I was 2473 out of 3235 total runners, putting me in the 24th percentile. It was about 25F.

Race day pictures are here:

Pictures from my dinner at Chelsea Market are here:

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